Monday, August 19, 2013

It has been ages since my last blog. I can't believe that this is my first this year.  I always seem to be apologising for not keeping up.
However I have made a new little cat that I have displayed in my wind in the willows scene . She is the first dressed cat that I have made and was great fun to do. I would never have made her if it wasn’t for Sandie choosing an animal or something to do with animals for the project of the month in the yahoo group that I am a member of. So thank you Sandie you have started me with the little animal bug again.



Still continuing with the animal theme. This was the summer swap that I made my friend  May, who  has a super mouse house.  The swap  was themed and was to be either something for a summer picnic or a Barbecue.
 I wanted it to be a  little surprise really , so that when she would open the parcel she would think that she was having a picnic hamper but.........

  inside as you can see was a tiny mouse  with his backpack for his food for a picnic. I also decided as it was summer to give him an ice cream to eat.



Here  he is in my wind in the willows scene with the cat.

May has given him a name and it is Hobo. I think it really suits him.

Here is the super swap that I received from May.
 When I opened up my parcel I was totally amazed. It was a real wow! moment. May had sent me a  wonderful barbecue which is going to take pride of place in my garden. It is absolutely brilliant.  It has so many different kinds of food , the more you look at it the more you see . It even has ketchup and a bottle of cola.  There is everything that you could need for a very special barbecue party. Thank you so much May.