Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I made the Piano and all the accessories apart from the dog and picture in a Jane Harrop class arranged by the online miniature group sahmc.

It is a great group that i belonged to . The girls are very friendly and helpful and i learned a great deal while i was a member there. My biggest thanks go to Jan who is the founder member of the group who encouraged and convinced me that i too could work with wood. I havent looked back since. Thank you Jan.

The group holds monthly online classes and mini swaps and competitions.

This is the third petite properties kit i made it is the Toadstool cottage. I think i am addicted to making these little buildings.
At the moment I am making the 4th in the series Flowerpot cottage I will upload a picture of it as soon as it is done.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The corner shop

This is the first 48th scale building i made. It is the corner shop kit by Petite properties.
I really enjoyed making it but i must decide what i am going to stock it with.
I did think of a florist a newsagent or a book shop.

My first blog

Hi, this is so exciting as it is my very first blog

My blog will be about my favourite pastime. Making miniatures. I love making miniature houses and everything to go in them from the furniture and accessories to the little people and their pets.

I have made many miniatures mostly in 12th scale but i am now trying the smaller 24th and 48th scales.
The picture shows the 48th scale Washtub cottage which i made from a kit by Petite properties