Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My first blog

Hi, this is so exciting as it is my very first blog

My blog will be about my favourite pastime. Making miniatures. I love making miniature houses and everything to go in them from the furniture and accessories to the little people and their pets.

I have made many miniatures mostly in 12th scale but i am now trying the smaller 24th and 48th scales.
The picture shows the 48th scale Washtub cottage which i made from a kit by Petite properties


  1. Your Petite Properties houses are wonderful. So inspired I just ordered Washtub Cottage! I hope they are relatively easily put together.

    1. You will love making the kit up and washtub has so much character.
      The kits from petite properties are so easy to put together and they have very clear instructions.

  2. Helen I too love Petite Properties and in fact I have every 1:48th scale kit that has been released, and made them all except Mulberry House - even if they are not furnished or quite finished yet :) I love the way you finish yours off - they look so realistic. Hugs, Sandie

    1. Oh Wow sandie, You are an expert!! I have some more kits waiting for me but havent got them all yet!
      They are addictive aren't they Lol! Once you start you cant stop. xx