Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moley's Cottage

Here is Moley outside his cottage , with a pair of ducks which i made from a tutorial by Anya Stone.
The cottage is made very simply from balsa wood, mount board and diy filler, which once dried was painted with a dirty wash of acrylic paint. The roof tiles are cut from wood veneer.

Here you can see all the flowers i have made and planted around the cottage, The rose that is growing over the cottage window is one that i bought and i am not very happy with it. Maybe i will change it for something else.


Yesterday i finally finished dressing Badger . I am so glad that he is now finished as he had been waiting for clothes for ages.  Hopefully now i can get on with making Ratty.

Wind in the Willows scene

With the Caravan now completed and all the designs painted on it i decided to make a room box which would fit the caravan and the scene around it.

I painted the distant scenery and sky onto the inside of the box and added walls and banks and a road.

I love using scatter materials and doing the scenery . It is so relaxing and i love to see it taking shape and wondering how it is going to look.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The second character from the wind in the Willows that i have completed is Toad. I must say that i have sculpted and furred old Badger too but he doesn't have any clothes yet so i thought i would spare him any embarrassment and not show a picture of him until he is dressed Lol!

I decided that my Willows animals would have a gypsy caravan so I bought the Macqueenie miniatures kit for a 12th scale caravan and set to work.
I must say that the kit is simply amazing and comes with all the furniture you need in kit form and even a metal cooker. It is brilliant.
Here it is after i had constructed it and started the painting.

The wind in the willows

This year i have decided to try and finish the wind in the willows scene that i am trying to create.
The dream started with the sculpt i made of little Moley last year and i decided that i would have to make all the characters and of course a scene to place them all