Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wind in the Willows scene

With the Caravan now completed and all the designs painted on it i decided to make a room box which would fit the caravan and the scene around it.

I painted the distant scenery and sky onto the inside of the box and added walls and banks and a road.

I love using scatter materials and doing the scenery . It is so relaxing and i love to see it taking shape and wondering how it is going to look.


  1. Helen I can see why you do such a great job with your miniatures - you are a skilled artist indeed. This scene is very realistic and will set off your stunning caravan perfectly.
    Hugs, Sandie

    1. Thank you Sandie, you are so kind xx

  2. Your painting is great! is there anything you can't do! What kind of box are you using for it? Wonderful!! May