Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moley's Cottage

Here is Moley outside his cottage , with a pair of ducks which i made from a tutorial by Anya Stone.
The cottage is made very simply from balsa wood, mount board and diy filler, which once dried was painted with a dirty wash of acrylic paint. The roof tiles are cut from wood veneer.

Here you can see all the flowers i have made and planted around the cottage, The rose that is growing over the cottage window is one that i bought and i am not very happy with it. Maybe i will change it for something else.


Yesterday i finally finished dressing Badger . I am so glad that he is now finished as he had been waiting for clothes for ages.  Hopefully now i can get on with making Ratty.


  1. Helen, I'm so pleased that you mentioned your blog on Miniature Haven - I didn't realize that you had one. It is great to be able to see more of your very lovely miniatures. Moley's house is wonderful and the flowers all around it are beautiful - don't change the roses, they are very pretty. I have commented elsewhere on Toad's clothing but will say again that you have done a great job with them too.

  2. Ooops - meant to say Badger's clothing! And in the background I can see more progress on the caravan too. I know that it is wonderful as well since I have seen photos of it, but it would be great to see some on here too. Hugs, Sandie

  3. I'm also happy to have found a blog for your beautiful work Helen.
    It's lovely to be able to see more details of your progress.

  4. Love the cottage. Badger is very dapper. The colour you used on the caravan is so warm looking. Where did you get the kit? May

    1. Hi May, Thank you so much for the lovely comments.
      The caravan is a kit from mcqueenie miniatures