Monday, October 24, 2011

Well here it is at last the picture of my Flowerpot cottage , made from a kit from petite properties in 1/48 scale.
This one was lovely to make and is quite different from all the other cottages i have made. I think it might be my favourite.


  1. This kit is my favourite too Helen, and as always you have done a fabulous job of finishing yours off. It's beautiful! Hugs, Sandie

    1. Thank you Sandie, I must make furniture for it as it is so sad without anything in it. You will have to send me some of your amazing talent in making the tiny furniture. xx

  2. I wanted to say how exquisite your little mouse is but it doesn't show a place for comments under that post. It's hard to believe that she is your first mouse Helen - I am blown away by your talent in so many areas. Hugs, Sandie