Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Petite properties

Halfpenny House

I have been away from my blog for a while as i have been feeling a bit poorly. I think i must have caught one of those dreaded viruses that have been doing the rounds.However i couldnt't  sit still doing nothing when i felt a bit better so i  made a start on one of my Petite property kits, Halfpenny house. The house kit was a free gift when i subscribed to the dolls house and miniature scene magazine.

Here is the kit out of the bag with my instruction book from the Petite properties corner shop which i am going to use to help me build it.

I have used air dry clay to make tiles on the living room floor and card which has been painted and distressed with acrylic paint to make the floorboards upstairs.

I have added air dry clay to the outside of the building today. I didn't want to have a brick effect finish like the shop as i want to paint the outside to look like rough plaster. So after applying the clay i distressed it with an old hairbrush and a washing up scouring pad. Hopefully it will have the effect that i want but we will have to wait and see.

I hope it will dry ok without too many cracks or shrinking.

I will give you an update tomorrow.

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  1. Helen you do your PPs so beautifully! Love the exterior finish. I have done mine in brick - wish I had thought of doing it in plaster like yours, what a great idea. I don't worry about cracks if they are small, they add to the character. In fact I sometimes scribe small marks in the plaster in the hope they will open up a bit more in the drying process. Of course they often open in places I don't want vbg. Hugs Sandie