Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Outfits for the Edwardian shop

Well i have been having a great time making up some outfits for the Edwardian shop. The first i made was a wedding dress which was a workshop from  Hazel Dowd. I love making up kits by Hazel as the instructions are so easy to follow and you always get such beautiful realistic results. Her tips for draping have to be the best.

Here is the wedding dress

I also made an outfit form the May issue of the  dolls house and miniature scene magazine.  It looked a bit difficult to do and i wanted mine on a mannequin and not on a doll so I had to make a few alterations but i think it turned out ok.
 Here is a picture of it. Sorry  the picture is not straight. I will have to remember to take a better one when i am taking photographs again.


  1. These are both beautiful gowns! So different but each special in its own way. I always love stripes, and am drawn also to the delicate feminine, filmy fabric and lace of the first one. Just exquisite.