Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dig for victory

I have started a victory garden for my 1940s village stores. I have so many ideas for it, I just hope that I can fit everything in that I want to make for it.

The garden is in two pieces which fit together as I didn't think the original one piece would be big enough. It will also be easier to move around with it being in two smaller pieces and I am hoping that with some careful planting the join wont be seen.

I started with a board for each piece onto which I glued sides made out of foam core board. I then glued pieces of polystyrene onto the base and card to represent the walls and soil. This was then covered with a coat of household filler, I then added another coat of filler over a stencil to make the stone effect.

This is one of the pieces I know it looks a bit messy now but it does get better I promise.

Once the filler was dry I started to paint it and age it with different colours of paint.You can see the join of the two pieces in this picture which will hopefully be hidden by some careful planting.
In this picture you can see my two posts which will be for the washing line. The right hand side of the garden will be where all the vegetables will be planted.

Next came the fun part starting the planting.
This is the rockery area and as you can see the join between the two sections of garden has been hidden by the planting.
The next job will be making all the vegetables to plant.
Then I need to make a chicken coup, the gate and of course the shed to keep all the gardening tools.

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