Thursday, February 27, 2014

The chicken coop

Today I finished making the chicken coop.
I had found the instructions for it from an old dolls house and miniature scene magazine that I had. But I made a few changes to mine as I wanted my coup to look old and a bit shabby.

Here it is made up in wood and painted with a dirty wash of brown acrylic paint
I did a little more painting to make the wood  look aged and weathered .
I used a dry brush and some white and green acrylic paint
I wanted my chicken coop to have an old corrugated tin sheet roof so I painted some corrugated cardboard in different shades of grey acrylic paint roughed up the edges a bit and glued the pieces to the wooden roof. I then added a ridge also made from cardboard which had been painted in the same colours and then painted several areas with scenic rust.
Here it is finished
Just some more planting and landscaping around it and then this little area of the garden will be finished.

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